Director Statement
I wrote Rebound Sex as an indie feature with no major attachments. So I knew it had to be over the top funny and as visually attractive as possible to grab attention. Today's social media generation primarily have one track minds. Who's Hot and who's Hotter! (So sad but so true!) And that was my motivation for the film. I was a fashion photographer, a fitness photographer and a marketing director for many years. My background in photography and advertising was helpful in every aspect of the films production and packaging. Growing up with all brothers also influenced my vision. I chose a football theme to demonstrate brotherhood and camaraderie with lots of playful humor. A universal relationship story with an underlined message and lots of comedic drama for a fun romantic comedy. 


Born and raised in Los Angeles, California. As a teenager, Umari was a Mouseketeer and a dancer for Disneyland. He was an accomplished fashion photographer and a fashion marketing director for many years before he began film-making. Umari's first short film, "The Donut Shop", won multiple festival awards and received immediate distribution offers. That acknowledgment led to the birth of Umari Entertainment and his first full feature, "Rebound Sex". Umari was inspired by ground-breaker, Antoine Fuqua and creative icons, Spike Lee, Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino for shattering traditional ideas of film-making. He continues to move forward as a multi faceted artist who is not limited by stereotyped expectations of his work.

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