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Director's Statement:
Unfortunately today’s social media generation primarily have one track minds. Who's Hot and who’s Hotter. That was part of my motivation for the film. I wanted the script to be over the top funny and the scenes to be bright and colorful. My background in photography and advertising was very helpful in every aspect of the films packaging. Growing up with all brothers also influenced my vision. I chose a football theme to demonstrate brotherhood and camaraderie with lots of playful humor. Rebound Sex is a universal relationship story with a serious underlying message and lots of comedic drama. Overall, I wanted the audience to laugh, and have something pretty to look at with a message in the end.
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About The Director:
Born and raised in Los Angeles, California. Umari was a Mouseketeer and a dancer inside Disneyland at age 17. He was an accomplished fashion photographer, an artist and a marketing director for numerous fashion companies before he began film-making. Umari was inspired by creative icons, Robert Rodriguez, Quentin Tarantino and Spike Lee for their visionary roles in shattering traditional ideas of film-making. The writer, producer, director considers himself a multi-talented artist who is not limited by stereotyped expectations of his work.
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